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Antique Horse Bridle Rosette Pendants -Authentica Collection

  • $ 16800

Horse bridle rosettes are a fun way to wear a bit of American history. We collect the prettiest and most interesting rosettes from around the US and convert them into little pieces of art, perfect to wear as pendants. See descriptions of each below.

A: This is the oldest in our collection (late 1800's - early 1900's) and is handpainted with dedicated facial details and a pretty blue ribbon. Size: 1.75" dia. 

B: The printed paper horse in this rosette sits pretty on top of a gold foil backing. Size: 1.75" dia.

C: This patriotic rosette is circa Civil War and features an American eagle with "E. Pluribus Unum" on the ribbon held in its beak. It's  a lovely copper-toned piece. Size: 1.75" dia.

D: This horse has a spirited look in his eye and looking for someone just as spirited to wear it. Size: 1.75" dia.


NOTE: Wear is comensurate with age


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