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Indigo Poncho #104

  • $ 14800

Each of Mallory et Cie’s individually-selected, vintage, tribal textiles is woven and dyed by hand in centuries-old African tradition. You may notice repairs, patches or blemishes that reflect its 40- to 70-year life span. Mallory et Cie and our customers highly value these character marks as part of this textile’s cultural history, honoring them as part of their new life as wearable art.

 Size: 34"W x 28"L


This vintage textile is made mostly from natural cotton and real indigo leaf-based dyes. Due to its vintage nature, there may be some unknown fibers and dyes used in the original manufacturing process.

As a rule, the gentler you are with vintage textiles, the longer they will last.  Hand wash and flat dry is definitely recommended. Our customers have also had luck with dry cleaning.

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