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Indigo Tribal Textile Poncho P19111

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One-Of-A-Kind: Yes
Colors: Indigo and Cream
Length (Neck to Bottom): 29"
Fringe Length:N/A
Outer Width: 45"
Inner Width: 38"

Mallory et Cie Indigo Tribal Textile Ponchos are not only comfortable to wear, each has a history and story to tell. Tribal textiles start their journey in Western Africa where they were hand woven and indigo dyed, some as long as 70 years ago. The textiles were originally worn as sarongs and head wraps as part of every-day and some ceremonial costuming.

Many indigo textiles have made their way to the US where I source them from coast-to-coast; searching for the finest quality and most interesting patterns, textures and the all-coveted fringe. Once in my studio, each textile is washed and dried and then repaired and ready for sewing. I'm better at designing than sewing, so each piece is sent out to be professionally stitched into the final product you see available today.

Mallory et Cie ponchos are made with comfort and fit in mind. Side stitching is kept to a minimum in order to let the fabric hang freely and to give you plenty of room to stretch, bend, sit, and move throughout your day. Generous arm holes are created by sewing 2 inch seams on either side of the poncho (3" from outer edge), while allowing the sides to remain open.

Each poncho (see my other Indigo Tribal Textile Poncho listings for additional sizes and textile patterns) is individual and presents it's own unique characteristics or personality. The size of the final garment is dependent on the size of the original textile and I do no cutting or resizing. There are no traditional sizes (XS-XXL) for the ponchos. Even though they vary in width and length, I like to call them One Size as they are roomy and can fit a variety of sizes (even Plus Size) quite easily. Please see the poncho dimensions found under DETAILS OF THIS PONCHO in each listing for the exact length, outer width and interior width so you can be sure of its final fit.

CLEANING: Remember that these are vintage/antique textiles and that the gentler you are during the washing cycle, the longer they will last. I recommend hand washing with line/flat drying or periodical use of the gentle
dry cycle on your machine. Many of my clients also dry clean their poncho/shawl as it's 100% cotton. Please always consult your dry cleaner to make sure that dry cleaning is advisable for your particular garment.

There are no returns on this item. Please refer to sizing and photos for details. I try very hard to indicate all major patches and repairs, but may miss some of the smaller wear marks in my photos. Remember that these are made from vintage textiles - patches, hand stitching and wear marks are all part of the "cool factor" and are to be expected.

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