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If you can’t tell, I’m a Francophile and love anything French and antique-y. The other thing I truly love is inspiring women to live their best lives; uncovering their secret passions and encouraging them to simply go for it!  

Keep reading to hear my story and how you are perfect just the way you are….

In 2009, I started making jewelry with just $20 in beads and found objects as well as borrowed how-to books and tools. To say the least, I started on a shoestring budget. At the time, I had NO idea how to make a single piece of jewelry, but what I did have was a dream to be an artist. 

Today, I’m living my dream in a big way; making jewelry and talking to women just like you all over the country. What I hear most from the women I meet is, “You are so lucky to be doing what you love.” To that, I have to say  I’m not lucky at all. I’m living a rich and fulfilling life doing what I love because of one thing and one thing only. Ready for it?

I took a chance on myself. 

I didn’t have a clue on how I was going to be an artist. I just knew that there was no better time to start than now and that life had already given me the tools I needed to make it to my dream. I told myself that I was perfect just the way I was….so, get goin’!

Several years later, Mallory Et Cie Jewelry is now my full time passion. I grew the business a little at a time, taking short calculated steps along the way. It was part fun, part labor and 100% pure joy.

Our designs have evolved over the years from ready-to-wear jewelry (see our Original Collection) to our newest launch of The Authentica Collection; a unique offering of handmade mix and match, interchangeable chains, charms and pendants. Authentica combines the best of French-influenced design with inspirational quotes, antique-y finds, symbols and things that make you go ooooooh! 

We’ve specifically designed The Authentica Collection to allow for endless jewelry possibilities so you, can be Authentically you. f you like what you see, please join our VIP LIST on the popup form on our website. That way we can let you know about new items, jewelry specials and encourage you along the way to living your dream too.

Remember, you are perfect just the way you are.