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Authentica: How It Works

Authentica Collection mix-and-match jewelry

The Authentica Collection, by Mallory Et Cie, is a fun jewelry experience that offers unlimited combinations of mix-and-match chains and pendants.  All of our beautiful handmade pieces can be easily interchanged to create a look that is Authentically you.

Explore our full line for endless possibilities!

Step 1: Choose Your Pendant

  Select your favorite pendant(s) from our website.

Step 2: Choose Your Chain

Next, choose a chain that fits your personal style. Our Authentica Collection double-clasp chains are the secret to creating multiple looks with one simple chain. Simply clip and unclip any of our Authentica Collection pendants to each of our chains. Available in 18" and 36" lengths. 

Step 3: Repeat!

Choose as many pieces as you'd like to create looks that are Authentically you.