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Authentica: How It Works

The Authentica Collection by Mallory Et Cie,is a fun jewelry experience that offers  mix-and-match chains, charms and pendants.  All of our beautiful handmade pieces can be easily interchanged at home to create a look that is Authentically you.
Explore our full line for endless possibilities!

Step 1: Pick Your Pendant or Charm

Select the pendants and/or charms from our website that speak to you. We have many styles and categories to choose from, including several customizable options. 

Step 2: Pick Your Chain

Next, pick a chain that speaks to you and your personal style. Our Authentica Collection 4-in-1 chains are the secret to creating multiple looks with one simple chain. Each chain can be worn directly with our pendants or clasped to our chain-to-charm connectors for layering multiple charms.

Step 3: Repeat!

Choose as many pieces as you'd like to create a new look everyday that is Authentically you.