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Yes! If you've missed Round Top as much as I've missed Round Top, this is your lucky day.  Organizers have been in touch with the higher-ups in Fayette County, TX and they're letting us open our doors for a show.  Mind you, it's smaller than what you're used to, but it's a show, non-the-less.  Twenty-five shops and venues in both Round Top and Carmine, including Mallory et Cie, are opening their doors Thursday thru Sunday, June 4-7th.  

I'll have all my jewelry + apparel as well as lots of sales items. 

Of course we'll all be doing our part to disinfect, physically distance and keep your overall safety first and foremost in mind.  I will be wearing a mask because it's easy to do and also because I'm the sole caretaker of my 75 year-old mother who is on daily oxygen.  If you could please remember to pop your mask into your purse and wear it while visiting, It would surely be appreciated.  

DATES: June 4-7, 2020 (Thurs-Sun)    HOURS: 10am-6pm

WHERE: Round Top + Carmine, TX

MALLORY ET CIE ADDRESS: 333 E.  Thigpen St., Carmine, TX 78932