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CA Prop 65


Because some of our jewelry is handcrafted with vintage and antique pieces, the State of California’s Prop 65 mandates that we post a warning that some of our jewelry may include lead, nickel or other cancer causing chemicals.

In regard to our new jewelry parts, Mallory et Cie works with items that are lead and nickel free as stated by our suppliers. As you can well imagine, when it comes to vintage/antique jewelry, their original manufacturing process is mostly unknown. In order to determine the material makeup for each and every vintage/antique piece of jewelry, expensive testing must be performed, which becomes prohibitive to doing business.

Due to high customer demand, Mallory et Cie has opted to continue offering vintage/antique jewelry and simply post the below warning on all relevant jewelry to remain in compliance, regardless of their actual material content.

Per their own documents, the State of California mentions that there is low risk of contracting cancer from skin contact and regular wear; however, they do warn against putting jewelry in your mouth. So, short of eating or licking our jewelry, there is a low risk of materials transferring through casual and daily wear.

If you would like additional information regarding Prop 65, please review the State of California documents in the link below.

If you have specific questions regarding our jewelry and CA Prop 65, please send all inquiries to