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French Antique Pocket Saints -Vintage Finds

  • $ 14800

French travel saints are some of our customers favorite pieces at Mallory et Cie. We were lucky enough to find this group of four to present for sale.

These travel saints have a secret. Each one turns so that when travelling, believers could close them to protect the saint. And when they were ready to go to bed, they would put them on the nightstand and twist them open to reveal the saint so that they keep watch over them at night. 

Some are marked on the top (see top photos) that reads "Souvenir de Pelerinage". This translates into " Souvenir of a Holy Pilgrimage". One has no marks and one is marked "Notre Dame de Lourdes". The choice is yours.

Circa: Early 1900's

Height: Approx 1.75"

Metal finish: Aged brass

A: Mary, Notre Dame de Lourdes 

B: Mary + Baby Jesus, Souvenir de Pelerinage

C: Mary + Baby Jesus, No text on top

D: Mary + Baby Jesus, Souvenir de Pelerinage