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Irridescent Grey Quartz Crystal 4-in-1 Chain - 18 & 36-inch

  • $ 8800

Looking for a little color to add to your wardrobe? Why not try our new gray rock quartz crystal chain that holds a little rainbow inside each bead. While mostly transluscent grey, this necklace subtly glows with your every move.

As part of our Authentica Collection, 4-in-1 chain series, these chains can be worn in atleast four different  ways by wearing the clasps down and clipping on any one of your favorite Authentica charms and pendants.  Our 18" chains have two sets of clasps; one for attaching your pendant and the other for securing the chain behind your neck.

Finish: Grey quartz crystal 4mm beads, antique brass findings

Available in 18 and 36-inch lengths