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Vintage Rhinestone Stud + Dangle Earrings

  • $ 9800

We're having fun with all kinds of vintage rhinestones over here. Rhinestones with French religious medals, rhinestones with tiny baroque pears and even rhinestones with more rhinestones. Which ever is your favorite, rhinestones look great with just about everything.

We take vintage clip earrings and reimagine them with stainless steel studs so they're more modern and easier on the ears.

Only one of each available.

A: Miraculous Medal, 2" Long

B: Miraculous Medal, 2.75"Long

C: Baroque Pearl, 3" Long

D: Rhinestone Cross, 2"Long

E: Rhinestone with Flower Stud, 2" Long

F: Rhinestone with Flower Stud, 2.5" Long

G: Rhinestone with Flower Stud, 1.5" Long

H: Rhinestone with Flower Stud, 2" Long

J: Rhinestone with Flower Stud, 2" Long

K: Rhinestone with Flower Stud, 2.5" Long

L. Rhinestone Dangle, 4" Long


Note: Because rhinestones are vintage, some may be a bit yellowed or darkened. This is to be expected for their age and are part of the vintage look.

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